Get That Job ! | 10 – 11 Jan 2017 | Resume Writing Skills, Attending Interview & Grooming for a Job Interview

Alhamdulillah, pada 10 – 11 Jan 2017 yang lalu Awaken Training & Consultancy Sdn Bhd dijemput berkolaborasi bersama Tim #TheCareerExpert, Tuan Nik Faiz Iskandar dan Puan Ainul Naim untuk menyampaikan program GET THAT JOB ! SPECIAL EDITION – An Intensive Workshop On Resume Writing, Skills Attending Interview and Grooming for a Job Interview.

Program ini telah berlangsung selama 2 hari di Ara Event Hall, Seri Kembangan Selangor.

Saya kongsikan antara pendapat peserta yang hadir tentang program GET THAT JOB! SPECIAL EDITION ini.

job interview

” I am very proud to be able to attend Get That Job ! Special Edition Workshop . En. Nik Faiz and Puan Raihan are good motivator and coach.

I am also proud to know and learn how to make a good resume and how to to be professional in what we are doing and how to style in professional way.

I believe all the inputs and knowledges that i learned in this workshop are very important and can’t get everywhere. I was very excited to see En. Nik Faiz and Puan Raihan.

I would like to thank them for their input and sharing which are very useful to me as a fresh graduates.”

~ Anis Naema Astiyah Binti Rafai, UiTM Shah Alam

“Pada hari pertama Program ‘Get that Job’ , kami didedahkan dengan cara membuat resume lebih baik dan professional. Melalui 12 ‘Golden keys to Resume’ banyak membantu untuk memperbanyakan isi kandungan resdume yang lebih impak dari yang biasanya.

Ini sangat membantu saya membuat resume yang jauh lebih baik dari sebelumnya. Pada hari ke 2, kami didedahkan dengan tatacara pakaian yang betul untuk menghadiri temuduga dan etika yang betul.

Dengan perkongsian ilmu ini, saya lebih berkeyakinan dan lebih mengenali personaliti diri dan lebih yakin untuk bekerja.”

~ Norhazuani Mohd Ghani, UTEM.

“GET THAT JOB! SPECIAL EDITION is really special! I feel happy and grateful to have such opportunity to learn how to do an interview correctly. I am able to make many improvement on my cover letter and resume to attract the employer attraction.

The 12 Golden Rules by Tuan Faiz are really helpful. The grooming class with Pn Raihan is so great! Now i am able to decide appropriate attire for an interview and working / meeting.

I will definitely Get That Job! Thank You very much for this great event.”

~ Nurul Aliah Razak, UTEM

“This program affect the way I communicate with interviewer. Before this I feel shaky to answer the interviewer questions, but through mock interview from this program. I able to over come the nervous.

Beside that, this program also provide useful tips on how to dress up properly during interview. This has maybe me realize on choosing the correct colour combination of dress code.”

~ Mohammad Fitri Bin Fadzil, UiTM Seremban.

Kami kongsikan gambar-gambar semasa program berlangsung di sini :

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